What to Expect

When You’re New to Prout Financial Design:

Prout Financial Design’s clients are typically investors who desire to improve their own lives as well as the lives of others through meaningful and intelligent investments in their families, their communities and their portfolios.

Clients who benefit the most from our services most likely fit the following description:

  • Contribute intentionally in their careers and communities
  • Partake in or appreciate the importance of continuing and multifaceted education
  • Are employed or involved in rewarding activities in retirement
  • Consider managing their own money to be an unnecessary burden
  • Are gracious, honest and open-minded
  • Desire our help and are willing to let us help them to the best of our abilities

The entire Prout Financial Design team believes it’s important to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We desire your trust as we work together to lead you into retirement with the confidence and stability you deserve.

Here’s what to expect when your work with Prout Financial Design:

Meeting #1 – Our first meeting with you is a general consultation. This allows you and our team to get to know each other and gives you the opportunity to discuss or discover your financial goals. If you decide that you are comfortable with Prout Financial Design and want to pursue a comprehensive financial plan, illustrations, and recommendations, then we will schedule a second meeting.

Meeting #2 – At this meeting you will receive a quote for the estimated required hours of service, and you will have the opportunity to sign a fee agreement if you accept the projected costs and terms of service. This meeting is used to discuss the specifics of advisor recommendations, and you will be presented with a comprehensive financial plan or illustrations if you previously agreed to it. At this point in time you will have the opportunity to choose to become an official client of Prout Financial Design.

Meeting #3 – Now that you have decided to proceed with our services, you will come in for a third and final new client meeting to authorize transfer paperwork and any other necessary documentation. From this point forward, the Prout team will be in continual contact regarding the status of your transfer and a fourth meeting is not scheduled until you feel it is necessary.

When You’re a Client at Prout Financial Design:

We believe that clear expectations and communication set our clients at ease by removing the uncertainty from their pivotal relationship with their financial advisor. At Prout Financial, one of our foundational goals is to be honest and forthcoming about what you can expect from us and what we need from you. When you officially become one of our clients, plan for these few regular meetings:

Annual Review Meeting – Once per year we routinely schedule a meeting for you to sit down with our team of advisors and review the performance of your portfolio. You will receive the current statement of every one of your accounts that we manage, a current position report of your portfolio, and a report that compares your current portfolio with your portfolio of the year prior. We value these meetings and know that you will too; this is a great opportunity to evaluate our shared goals for your investments and ensure that your retirement planning is moving forward strategically and efficiently.

Insurance Policy Review Meetings – If you own a life insurance policy or policies, we will contact you and schedule a thirty minute meeting to take place either in person or over the phone. This is for the purpose of discussing allocation strategies and objectives within the policy account. If you find that it is most ideal for you to change your policy in any way, we are happy to work with you, and often find that insurance companies allow the policy holder a certain window of time to make changes after the anniversary date of your purchase.

Meetings upon request – Our staff is both knowledgeable and gracious, and because they share such breadth of experience in their areas of expertise they can often answer any questions you have about your accounts. However, if at any point you need to request an in person meeting or phone conference with an advisor, feel free to contact us so we can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to do this.