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Dennis Prout is a respected voice in the world of finances and has been featured in local publications. These articles serve as a great catalyst for your own conversations. Please share with your friends and family.


Roth IRAs Celebrate 20 Years April 16, 2018

Traverse City Record Eagle Experts say it takes approximately 60 days to secure a new habit. It’s amazing, then, that despite its introduction in 1998, how long it has taken for the Roth IRA to catch on. Since its appearance 20 years ago, the retirement plan universe has been opened to the Roth investment option […]

Can the Kids Afford the Cottage? July 20, 2014

Traverse City Business News In this article Dennis teams up with Cottage Law attorney, Dan Penning, to provide insight and answers into the legal and tax implications of keeping the family cottage. An attorney and a financial advisor provide answers BY DAN A. PENNING AND DENNIS PROUT, CFP® Dan Penning, attorney, The Penning Group Advisors […]

The Inheritance Conversation June 14, 2014

Traverse City Record Eagle In this article Dennis outlines the major benefits of discussing your estate with your children sooner rather than later. In December I became a grandfather for the first time. This has been a profound experience for me. Shortly after my grandson Caleb’s birth, I decided it was time for the inheritance […]