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The Inside Scoop August 17, 2017 DownloadOver the last few weeks, we have been deep-diving into the world of estate planning, and will continue part of last week’s show in our conversation today. We are also going to get back into some retirement account technicalities from Ed Slott’s August Newsletter for advisors. This is the “inside scoop” for those of […]

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Who Wants Your Stuff? August 10, 2017

Last week Dennis talked about an ice cream scoop of his mother’s that he wanted after his parents passed away. Though it wasn’t inherently valuable, it held much sentimental value – and many memories – for him. For me (Shea), it was my grandmother’s Renaissance painting, a reprint with no name. It reminds me of her and my time at the family farm. When it comes to liquidating the “stuff” (heirlooms are apparently a thing of the past), it’s important to know that the “IKEA generation” probably doesn’t want it. But if they do, you might want to make a plan.

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Top Three Sibling Money Fights August 3, 2017

As a kid, it was always a race to ride in the front seat of my parents’ car. When it was time to go somewhere, we would hurtle ourselves toward the car yelling, “SHOTGUN!” Regardless of who said it first, it was the kid who made it to the car first who won. As the oldest, I had a clear advantage until my little brother’s athleticism won out. By then, though, I had my driver’s license … the ultimate ticket to freedom!

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Is a Trusteed IRA Right for You? July 27, 2017

I (Dennis) have spent the summer nurturing my garden. Just last week my asparagus plant began to show off its leaves. For reasons unknown to me, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment in watching a garden grow. This year, I’ll have enough produce to share with friends and family, which gives me an even deeper level of satisfaction. Your investments aren’t much different. After years of labor and attention, they can produce enough for you to live on. If you’re intentional, it can be something for you to share.

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Hard to Focus July 20, 2017

Summertime is the magical season that erases almost all our desire to focus on finances. It’s hard to think of the details when there’s so many wonderful distractions. We are with you in this … every day the sun keeps ours eyes wandering outside the office thinking of an excuse to run an errand or two. And just like the seasons in northern Michigan cause us to focus on different priorities, there are different seasons in life that force us to think about finances differently.