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Play When Do We Get the “All Clear” Signal? radio show
When Do We Get the “All Clear” Signal? July 27, 2023 DownloadThe morning haze has made for some beautiful sunrises here in Northern Michigan recently. However, a similar type of “haze” continues to envelop our current economic situation. Are we in for a soft landing? What about interest rates, recession and the business cycle? Housing prices are another big unknown, with many professionals weighing in […]

Play Protecting Your Nest Egg in the Retirement Hazard Zone radio show
Protecting Your Nest Egg in the Retirement Hazard Zone July 20, 2023 DownloadIn a May 2023 Kiplinger article, Chris Abeyta, in discussing the transition from asset growth to income and protection, warns us of the “Retirement Hazard Zone” – the four to five years right after the pivotal age of 59½ that can greatly impact the rest of your retirement. In essence, Abeyta cautions readers to take action […]

Play Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Outside! radio show
Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Outside! July 13, 2023 DownloadThe beautiful summer weather seems to have everyone in a trance of warmth, ice cream, sandy beaches and the great outdoors (including the bugs)! Today, we’ll talk about the power of being a contrarian in a world that seems more confusing by the day. Included in this will be historical examples of those with very […]

Play Your Retirement Journey radio show
Your Retirement Journey June 29, 2023 DownloadIn a recent article in Kiplinger, Chris Abeyta explains how your retirement journey breaks down into three phases. Phase 2: “The Retirement Hazard Zone,” are the four to five years right after turning the pivotal age of 59-1⁄2. According to Abeyta, this is the time to take action to protect your nest egg from significant […]

Play Talk is Cheap radio show
Talk is Cheap June 22, 2023 DownloadHow many times have you heard the phrase, “Talk is cheap”? We even alluded to this on last week’s show regarding the market’s response to Fed Chair Jeremy Powell’s proclamation that rates would begin to rise at the Fed’s July meeting on the 25th and 26th. On this week’s show, we’ll continue to discuss the […]