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Play Are You Looking? radio show
Are You Looking? February 21, 2019

Is your tax plan up-to-date since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law? Do you have an estate plan in place that will properly distribute your assets once you’ve passed? Do you have any gaps in your insurance coverage or a plan for long-term care? Preparing for retirement can be overwhelming, and it can be easy to overlook some important aspects of your financial plan if you’re not working with a qualified financial professional. But how do you know which financial advisor will best serve your needs?
When choosing a financial professional, there are certain qualities to look for to help you narrow down your choices and to find someone who can help you create a financial plan that will take you through retirement.
If you’re looking, we can help! Tune in today to find out how to choose the right financial advisor(s). We will review Ed Slott’s, “Top 10 questions You Should Ask!”

Play Love and Money radio show
Love and Money February 14, 2019

Today is my (Shea’s) favorite holiday! Why? Because who wouldn’t embrace a holiday about love in the dead of winter? The hearts, flowers, colors and sentimental outreach make me happy! Did you know that the total spending for Valentine’s Day is $18.2 BILLION, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s an average of $136.57 per person! Guess how many couples plan on getting engaged on this day? While the number varies, in 2013 it was around six million.
So whether you’re new to love or have been in love for a while, we have a show for you! Because as the old saying goes, first comes love, then comes … money?

Play Retire Because You Can radio show
Retire Because You Can February 7, 2019

When it comes to retirement … given a choice, would you rather retire because you can, or because you have to? The choice is obvious enough. But because freedom in retirement is directly proportional to the amount of money you’ve saved, you want enough money to have choices.
So what is that amount for you?
Tune in today, and we’ll help you find that magic number, as well as discuss the standard retirement strategies that can help you “get there.” You might even discover that you’ve saved too much. Yeah, that’s a thing!

Play Catch Up Limits radio show
Catch Up Limits January 31, 2019

I (Shea) “learned” to color inside the lines when I was in kindergarten. The teacher gave us a blank drawing and some crayons. As we completed our project, she walked around the room giving feedback on our work. She said, “That’s nice Shea. Next time, try coloring inside the lines.” Without looking up I replied, “I just don’t see it that way.” For better or worse, that tends to be how I see the world. On occasion, however, I like to know where the lines are … especially when driving! When it comes to retirement planning, the “lines” are also called “limits.” You are limited in what you can stash away, limited in what you can double up on, and limited in what you can take out and when.
Ed Slott just released his Multiple Plan Table so that you can know your limits when doubling up on contributions. For those of you playing “catch-up,” you will find this table very useful.

Play That’s Not Fair radio show
That’s Not Fair January 24, 2019

I (Shea) am at that strange age when friends start losing their parents. It feels like I just graduated high school and yet, the same year as my 20-year high school class reunion, I’ve also attended several funerals. Some of my friends received an inheritance while others did not. I have witnessed firsthand the negative consequences that a lack of planning can leave on the adult child. Questions of whether or not it was fair or kind swirl around them and their siblings, causing self-doubt and pain. Oddly enough, it’s not about the money … it’s about the feeling of neglect, even if that wasn’t the intention.
Join us today when as find out how some people fail to plan. We’ll also hear some success stories too!