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Play Hot Off the Press! Change is Afoot! radio show
Hot Off the Press! Change is Afoot! January 25, 2024 DownloadFor the Sherlock Holmes aficionados in our audience, Sherlock would say, “Watson, the game is afoot!” This would often take them to new adventures of investigation. Today’s new adventure is planning for ever larger IRA balances and the impact this can have on you and your loved ones, given the stock market run we’re having, […]

Play Life Can Be Hard radio show
Life Can Be Hard January 18, 2024 DownloadJohn Wayne once said, “Life is hard if you’re stupid.” For investors, this means being wary of a whole lot of the information disseminated by the popular media of today. Today, we’ll be working with solid data to keep our focus on the information we know is certain. In that light, we’ll cover the economic […]

Play New Year, New Changes radio show
New Year, New Changes January 11, 2024 DownloadWelcome to 2024! We are excited for the New Year! Some say that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Well, a lot of things are changing in Traverse City and elsewhere on the ownership front as the Baby Boomer generation continues their respective exit(s) and begins to head for the door. […]

Play Taxes and Year-End Planning radio show
Taxes and Year-End Planning December 14, 2023 DownloadToday on New Retirement Radio, CPA Jon Sluis joins us as we discuss year-end tax planning, IRAs, and the case coming before the Supreme Court next June, deciding whether or not Congress can tax unrealized gains. Taxing unrealized gains may sound like something you’d see in Russia or hear about in fifth grade as a lofty aphorism. […]

Play The Life of Charles Munger: An Incredibly Successful Businessman radio show
The Life of Charles Munger: An Incredibly Successful Businessman December 7, 2023 DownloadOn this week’s show, we will honor the legacy of Charlie Munger, Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway, who passed away on November 28. His road to success was one where he started from nothing and achieved what very few others have by sheer hard work, associating with the best people he could, sprinkled in […]