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Play It’s A Head Game radio show
It’s A Head Game June 24, 2021

Over the last several weeks, we’ve discussed the blind spots that investors can develop. The psychology of investing refers to these blind spots as “cognitive bias,” where our brains are hard-wired to take shortcuts, oversimplify complex concepts or be overconfident in our decision-making processes. The Magellan Group has outlined 10 of those biases, and on our show today we will give examples as we’ve experienced them either with clients or on a global scale.

While it’s important to have help with the numbers, it’s also very important to get perspective on the head game behind them. In fact, that’s why people tend to hire advisors … hint … hint!

Join us today as we dive deeper into the topic along with a brush-up lesson on income strategies in retirement. That in and of itself is a trip!

Play The 401(K) Quandary radio show
The 401(K) Quandary June 17, 2021

I (Dennis) was talking to my daughter about her investing options as she and her husband are gaining traction in their careers and financial choices. It’s a very exciting thing to witness, especially as a father who happens to be an investment advisor too! Ironically, as she started to verbally process their options, she also confessed to not knowing as much as she “should.” It triggered a conversation that led me to the topic of today’s show, because even something as simple as a 401(k) plan can feel foreign.

Today, Shea will be asking the tough questions like, “Is a 401(k) worth it? What about the fees? What if I need the money for emergencies? What about taxes in retirement? Does the employer really ‘match’ my money?”

This will be a lively conversation to help clear up any confusion about 401(k)s so that you can make an informed decision! After all, this investing stuff is supposed to be FUN!

Play Can You Handle It? radio show
Can You Handle It? June 10, 2021

Last week, we started the conversation around investor “blind spots,” or careless mistakes. One can argue that the premise of our entire show is about blind spots! Touché! This week, we will continue the discussion and delve more deeply into one area in particular: Changes in the market as you near retirement. The question is, “Can you handle it?” Or, better yet, “How should you handle it?”

The prevailing concern over a potential market correction and rising inflation lingers in investors’ minds. It’s understandable and probably unavoidable … but the good news is that it’s manageable!

Tune in and take control!

Play Investor Blind Spots radio show
Investor Blind Spots June 3, 2021

I (Shea) love to drive. It started with video games then led to learning on two-tracks until I took my drivers’ training courses. My instructor thought I was overly confident behind the wheel, but it quickly became my “thing” and, to this day, I am known as “The Driver” among family and friends. Over the years, however, as I have become more comfortable with driving, I’ve also realized that it’s easier to make careless mistakes. I refer to them as “blind spots.”

The same goes with investing. The longer you’ve been at it, and the more familiar you are with it – the more blind spots you develop. Our internal benchmark for success isn’t always the best predictor and, as a result, our long-term gains may diminish. In other words, we may not get to where we intended to go without a different or extra perspective. Today, Dennis and Heidi are hopping into the driver’s seat to show you a few things you might have missed on your investment journey.

Play Big Money Problems radio show
Big Money Problems May 27, 2021

Lawmakers have enacted six major bills, costing about $5.3 trillion, to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate the economic burden on families and businesses. Most of us have succumbed to an inevitable tax rate increase. But that’s not the scary part. What’s more concerning is our acceptance of it. Our society is the proverbial “frog in boiling water” as we slowly but surely lose control over how the government allocates money. Guess who is suffering the most? It’s the folks you’d least expect … the savers! And they have a big money problem that can be summed up in two words – CAPTIAL GAINS.

Whether you are trying to sell your business, a family farm or stocks, the taxes on capital gains could be significant. Tune in today to listen to Dennis and guest CPA Jon Sluis as they talk about big money problems and what to do about them.