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Play What About The Children? radio show
What About The Children? March 18, 2021

I (Shea) will never forget the thrill of opening my first bank account with my dad. He also created a chores and budget spreadsheet. I was ready to become an adult at the ripe old age of eight! The taste of independence was thrilling until I reached my early 20s and money went to things like … toilet paper. What a letdown!

Teaching kids about money can be exciting, especially when they are able to learn about investing. Today, we are going to teach you how to talk to kids (and grandkids) about money, and let you know about a few exciting options like the custodian Roth IRA account!

Play Rollover Mistakes and Possibilities radio show
Rollover Mistakes and Possibilities March 11, 2021

Are you considering an IRA rollover? Whether you’ve recently left your employer or simply prefer the options an IRA has to offer, a rollover may be the right move for you. Keep in mind, however, that there are also several common pitfalls you can encounter by improperly executing a rollover.

Whether you’re a spouse who has inherited an IRA or you’re the retirement account owner, there are a number of rules you must know in order to avoid costly penalties rolling over your investments.

Today, Dennis and Heidi will share the most common rollover mistakes and other possibilities, as well as discuss what to do with your tax refund this year. Have you considered depositing it into your IRA?

Play Successor Beneficiaries and Roth IRA Rules radio show
Successor Beneficiaries and Roth IRA Rules March 4, 2021

Dennis Prout and Heidi Thompson discuss the importance of naming successor beneficiaries.  In this episode they also help us understand the Roth IRA Rules.

Play Can I Get Audited? radio show
Can I Get Audited? February 25, 2021

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to hire a CPA to file your taxes and help monitor your business is to protect yourself against what you don’t know. Your job is to be excellent in your line of work, and theirs is to watch out for you. When we came across an article in Kiplinger called “22 IRS Audit Red Flags,” we immediately realized that local CPA, Jon Sluis, should join the conversation. After all, isn’t the real question, “Can I get audited?”

Join Dennis and Jon today as they dig deep into the world of taxes and retirement planning. The two are inseparable.

Play Before and After Retirement radio show
Before and After Retirement February 18, 2021

Folks often ask us, “When is the best time to get serious about retirement?” The answer is usually, “Now.” Realistically, most people start getting serious about retirement about 10 years out. They start to look at their 401(k) at work, their savings, debts and, if they haven’t already, they open an IRA or consider converting to a Roth IRA. We found a few fun articles, “11 Moves to Make Before Retirement” and “10 Things You Spend Less On in Retirement.”

The show today will be the before and after retirement! Dennis and Heidi will tag team the topics and give you something to think about. After all, now is always a good time!