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Last Minute Tax Tips April 12, 2018

Maybe you’ve already heard? You have two extra days to file your taxes this year. On another high note, you don’t have to understand the new tax law for this year’s return. What will one do with all of this extra time? Have no fear, Kiplinger is HERE, and they have written a great article, “Last-Minute Tax Tips for Procrastinators.” Sound like you? If so, tune in!
There’s a lot of T’s to cross and I’s to dot. It just so happens that this is our specialty, and we’re here to help during tax season. Tune in and tune up your tax knowledge.

Play This is a Test radio show
This is a Test April 5, 2018

You’ve heard it said that the only reason to have a trust is if you don’t trust. To some extent, that can be true. However, as estate laws change and modern families are forced to get with the times, there are other reasons too. Not only will we discuss those reasons, we will test you. There are 15 questions that a trustee of an IRA trust MUST know the answers to. So whether you are the grantor of the trust, or the trustee, answering these questions will get you ahead in your planning.

Play Inheriting IRAs 101 radio show
Inheriting IRAs 101 March 29, 2018

No one says it better than Ed Slott: “An inherited IRA may be a client’s single most valuable financial asset … but simple mistakes can be very costly or even fatal!” His follow-up advice to those inheriting an IRA is to “Touch nothing!” You might wonder what all the fuss is about, right? There are 10 costly mistakes that occur when inheriting an IRA. We will go through them with you one-by-one to help you avoid adding insult to injury.
And finally, what is happening with the stock market? Why should it matter to you and your portfolio? As always, we have a lot to talk about.

Play The Drop-Off radio show
The Drop-Off March 22, 2018

I have a confession. I (Shea) grew up here surrounded by lakes – the big freshwater kind with lots of little ones as extra bonuses. I love to swim, but I refused to go in the “dark water.” If I could see the drop-off, I wasn’t going anywhere near it. But that all changed two summers ago. My sister-in-law, who was eight months pregnant, jumped into the deep, dark water of Lake Leelanau. After watching her effortlessly enjoying the refreshing water on a hot August afternoon, I decided to try it. It wasn’t any less terrifying as an adult, but it certainly helped that I couldn’t see the drop-off that far out in the water.
For those of you who are near the edge of your working career and retirement, you can see the drop-off. You know the time is coming when you’ll need to swim out into the unknown away from the familiar shores of employment. Assuming you have saved, planned and are ready – what happens if the market takes a plunge before you do? Are you ready if the drop-off gets moved closer to you? How can you prepare your portfolio for something dramatic and completely out of your control?
Join us this Thursday as we run some numbers and give you “worst-case scenarios” to consider so that you’ll be prepared. Bring your paddle board, life jacket and floaties – no wake allowed in these waters.

Play The Second Chapter radio show
The Second Chapter March 15, 2018

Recent Gallup studies found that the average retirement age is 62. However, when working Americans are asked, they expect to retire at age 66. Recently, personal finance guru Suze Orman has been quoted as saying, “Yes, you heard me right: 70 is the new retirement age – not a month or year before.”
An extra five to seven years of working and delaying Social Security could really make the second chapter in life a lot sweeter! In fact, you could call it a Re-WIREMENT! We want to encourage you to think about the possibilities.
Join us in this episode to dream about the future and what you could do create more flexibility and freedom in your “re-wirement” years.