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Play Opportunities Abound, but Not Always for the Faint of Heart radio show
Opportunities Abound, but Not Always for the Faint of Heart March 21, 2024 DownloadThis recent market analysis by Capital Group got our attention: Over the last couple of years, the gap in both returns and valuations between small cap and large cap stocks has expanded against the backdrop of tighter monetary policy. To further summarize, a well-known index is trading near a 20-year low on a relative […]

Play Who Knew? radio show
Who Knew? March 14, 2024 DownloadAmidst all the blather about an election (you remember, right?), where are the opportunities? Today, we’ll discuss the realities markets have historically experienced during an election year,  how investors have responded, and the mistakes investors made. Long-time money manager, The Capital Group, will provide us stats going all the way back to 1933. We’ll […]

Play Ch-Ch-Changes! radio show
Ch-Ch-Changes! February 29, 2024 DownloadOn today’s show, we’ll hear about the changes that the Marsh brothers at Bill Marsh Automotive Group are experiencing as they sell their long-held business to Serra Motors.  About three years ago, in 2021, the Marsh brothers came on the New Retirement Radio Show to share their experience and knowledge gained over the years […]

Play Is This Irrational Exuberance? radio show
Is This Irrational Exuberance? February 22, 2024 DownloadAround the turn of the previous century, Alan Greenspan made the following famous and prescient comment regarding the dot-com bubble: “A decline in perceived risk is often self-reinforcing in that it encourages presumptions of prolonged stability and thus a willingness to reach for risk over an ever-more extended time period. History cautions that extended […]

Play Election Year Investing radio show
Election Year Investing February 8, 2024 DownloadMarket volatility can easily occur in an election year, which could affect your personal investments. On today’s show, we will review the Guide to investing in an election year, published by Capitol Group, in order help us all gain a better perspective. We’ll then discuss investors’ biggest questions like, “How can we invest with confidence in […]