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Play Sorting Out the Secure 2.0 Act with Slott radio show
Sorting Out the Secure 2.0 Act with Slott February 16, 2023 DownloadToday, Ed Slott, CPA, joins us as we discuss the new SECURE 2.0 Act as well as Ed’s own personal strategies for retirement. Ed is a nationally recognized IRA distribution expert, professional speaker, TV personality and best-selling author. His most recent books include Retirement Decisions Guide: 2023 Edition and The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb. Ed brings a […]

Play Saving and Accumulating in a Recessionary Economy radio show
Saving and Accumulating in a Recessionary Economy February 9, 2023 DownloadLast week, we discussed Capital Group’s “Five Keys to Investing in 2023.” Unfortunately, we only got through the first two before we ran out of time, so Dennis will wrap up that discussion in the first part of today’s show. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reports that more Americans are tapping into their 401(k) […]

Play Investing in 2023 radio show
Investing in 2023 February 2, 2023 DownloadCapital Group companies have been managing assets since 1934. When we read how they differ from the status quo for 2023, as well as their five keys to investing in 2023, it totally piqued our interest! We figured that, given the noise we all see out there with different opinions, you might appreciate a different […]

Play Bracing for 2023 radio show
Bracing for 2023 January 26, 2023 DownloadDoes this email look familiar to you? Unfortunately, due to Covid, we had to postpone last week’s show and rebroadcast a former show. However, we’re back and feel better than ever. Looking forward to spending the hour with you! The ever-changing income scene as well as potential opportunities you might take never cease to amaze. But […]

Play A Brand-New Year and Still so Much to Talk About! radio show
A Brand-New Year and Still so Much to Talk About! January 12, 2023 DownloadOn last week’s show, CPA Jon Sluis talked about the tax law changes brought about by the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022, which was signed into law by President Biden on December 29, 2022. Unfortunately, because there was so much to discuss and so many changes, we could only scratch the surface. So for todays’ show, […]