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Tax-Advantaged Business Sale Tools with Special Guest Jon Sluis, CPA

A couple weeks ago, I (Dennis) dedicated a significant amount of time to finishing my continuing education requirements in order to earn the Certified Private Wealth Advisor designation. In the middle of a very intense 24-hour session, a PhD accountant from the Booth School of Business in Chicago gave a surprising, edge-of-your-seat piece about tax-advantaged business sales and the reported tax benefits as shown by the required public disclosure, including how individual business owners can do the very same for themselves and those that follow.

The information from this class (about 75 pages in all) has already been sent on to today’s guest, Jon Sluis, CPA. And when Jon is in the house, you know there’ll be a lot of great information … as well as a few surprises! We’ll discuss all the exciting, gory details, and you may well be pleasantly surprised at the sheer size of the tax savings should you decide to employ these savvy options. We can’t wait to dive into this topic, and we hope you can join us! Tune in and take control!