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The Power of Choice

It’s been difficult to hold back our personal opinions on events like the current economic crisis, the war in Ukraine, and how they affect all of us. But as advisors, it is crucial that we remain as objective as possible. Even when the world around us is seemingly unstable and changing minute by minute, we must maintain our composure. Our job is to keep our heads and stay rational. Besides understanding numbers, Staying Steady is our superpower. Luckily, we have decades of experience to give us perspective. The United States is in a unique position as we face the current inflation crisis, internal division of citizens, and complete misalignment with other world powers. The question then becomes, “How will we handle it?”

In the past we have been innovative and resourceful. Our communities have been generous and hospitable. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Our show today is somewhat of a wake-up call (if you needed it). Planning for the future has always been a mysterious journey, but the decades ahead will force us to self-manage in ways we have yet to experience.