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Some shows can’t be summed up in one theme … especially when we have way too much to discuss! This week, we will revisit the SECURE Act regulations and what you need to know. The IRS is constantly working to clarify this law and has created more questions than answers. We will do our best to help “cut through the clutter” and get the answers you need!
Second, what does it take to plan for disabled and chronically ill IRA beneficiaries considering the SECURE Act rules? Don’t miss out because there’s a lot to discuss!
And finally, Heidi will help answer the question, “How much mortgage can I afford with the current interest rates?” This certainly is timely for those looking to make a change in their housing or purchase a second home.
Stay tuned and get ready to take some notes! This show will be full of great information. Also, don’t forget that you can text us LIVE at 231-237-7855 or call at 231-947-0023.
Tune in and take control!