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Bear Markets, and Recessions and Stats … Oh My!

While the markets have been quite volatile recently, for today’s show, we thought it might be helpful to see what these numbers can mean for you in the future. Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we know that past performance is a good indicator of future behavior. In fact, we can delve all the way back to 1835 to see how markets from previous generations have responded to show the depth and breadth of what we might experience in today’s economic climate. Even if today’s stock market and asset market respond differently than before, the symmetry of history may still be helpful for the perspective we need.

Also, Heidi will uncover the secrets related to the benefits of paying back COVID-19-related withdrawals from IRAs and retirement accounts.

Sometimes, learning can be most instructional when we’re ready, as in peering into the glass when uncertainty reigns. 

We’ll do our best to unmask this mystery just for you!

Tune in and take control!