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The 401(K) Quandary

I (Dennis) was talking to my daughter about her investing options as she and her husband are gaining traction in their careers and financial choices. It’s a very exciting thing to witness, especially as a father who happens to be an investment advisor too! Ironically, as she started to verbally process their options, she also confessed to not knowing as much as she “should.” It triggered a conversation that led me to the topic of today’s show, because even something as simple as a 401(k) plan can feel foreign.

Today, Shea will be asking the tough questions like, “Is a 401(k) worth it? What about the fees? What if I need the money for emergencies? What about taxes in retirement? Does the employer really ‘match’ my money?”

This will be a lively conversation to help clear up any confusion about 401(k)s so that you can make an informed decision! After all, this investing stuff is supposed to be FUN!