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Today is about changes! Wow, what a difference a week makes … or has it only been a day?

Today, we’ll talk about many topics, including individuals putting their spending on personal credit cards to dent inflation; the upcoming near historic Social Security benefit increase; as well as the beloved Accuracy-Related Penalties possibly imposed on IRA withdrawals.

We’ll also discuss a subject most near and dear to us – Roth conversions for all ages. We all know the amount of ink that’s been spilled about whether a Roth conversion is advantageous. One of the biggest issues (of course) is our age. Perhaps one might argue, if I’m 70 or older, could this still make sense? We’ll discuss this in depth as Ed Slott has dived into this pool, and we’re going to jump in too! After all, the water’s still warm, right? We’ll have some strong arguments as to why, especially today, you might want to consider this strategy. AND we’ll also talk about misconceptions that still rage around Roth conversions.

Tune in, and we’ll try to turn up the temperature in your financial world of information!