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State of Michigan, Rolling Back Taxes!

When taxes decline, many questions typically arise. In the case of the State of Michigan rolling back the retirement tax, copious amounts of questions and confusion seemed to reign. Today on New Retirement Radio, we will discuss the graduated change in the tax. For all Michigan taxpayers, the income tax rate dropped to 4.05% in 2023, down from 4.25% in 2022. Pension income for public servants like police officers and firefighters, state troopers and others will be fully exempt from paying state income tax in 2023. Others who receive a pension may face a graduated change in their tax through 2026. This is a big change and will have a significant impact on all Michigan residents! So be nice to your tax preparer, as they may ultimately play a more important role for you going forward! Next, Nathan will discuss less well-known benefits of life insurance policies, including utilizing cash values at or near retirement. Last, Deann brings the stats on taxes as well as stories of fishing for salmon. 

Tune in and take control!