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Is a Trusteed IRA Right for You?

I (Dennis) have spent the summer nurturing my garden. Just last week my asparagus plant began to show off its leaves. For reasons unknown to me, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment in watching a garden grow. This year, I’ll have enough produce to share with friends and family, which gives me an even deeper level of satisfaction. Your investments aren’t much different. After years of labor and attention, they can produce enough for you to live on. If you’re intentional, it can be something for you to share.

We’ve been told that after we’re gone we lose all control of what we’ve left for others, but what if that weren’t true? What if you could protect your investments in a Trusteed IRA? This is a HOT TOPIC in the financial industry, and I’m going to spend today telling you why. Get ready for a deep dive into detail that can protect so much more than money … it can protect the relationships within your family.