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Aging, Medical Care and Estate Planning – A Legal Perspective

On today’s show, elder law attorney Deborah Rysso, of the Rysso Law firm in Traverse City, will discuss navigating all things related to aging, care and estate planning from a legal perspective. Deb has extensive experience with the application of legal documents and how they interact with life’s realities. It’s amazing how interactive the documents of law intersect with the workings of care, family relationships and financial planning. Deb’s real-life stories of what she sees on a weekly basis, helping her clients navigate, will certainly be beneficial to many of our listeners. As we discuss these points with Deb, we are also very excited to share her knowledge of Medicaid planning, the limits of these planning options and, in many cases, where they might be best applied. We are looking forward to hosting Deb and think you will enjoy and benefit from hearing!

Tune in and take control!