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Gifting From Your IRA

’Tis the season for taking your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for the year! That’s right, if you’re over 72 years old, you’ll need to take money out of your tax-deferred retirement accounts. If you don’t, there is a hefty penalty – you will be charged 50% of the amount you were supposed to withdraw. You might ask, “What if I don’t need the money?” In which case we would say, “Have you ever considered making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to a non-profit of your choice?” This can be given directly from your IRA, satisfying your RMD, and is excluded from taxable income.

We don’t get to talk about GOOD NEWS very often, but this is definitely a silver lining in retirement planning. Tune in today with guest CPA, Jon Sluis as he talks about this and many other ways to give this season!