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As Dr. Seuss Might Say, “Would You, Could You Retire?”

A recent headline from a well-known financial publisher read: What to Do When Recession Threatens Your Retirement. Many of our clients at Prout Financial Design are expressing similar sentiments, and are wondering if they should wait to retire or simply adjust their plans based on the current down market. Given that the U.S. stock market just suffered its worst first half since 1970, these questions are common themes we’ll see for some time.

So for today’s show, it makes sense for us to discuss what’s on most peoples’ minds as the markets decline into possible recession. We’ll delve into this with articles, background and even formulas for adjusting spending that Vanguard utilizes with non-profit organizations. Next, Heidi will discuss the Social Security cost of living increase and how to take advantage of I bonds. Last, Deann will borrow the best of the stats to share with you. So tune in and take control!