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Is This Irrational Exuberance?

Around the turn of the previous century, Alan Greenspan made the following famous and prescient comment regarding the dot-com bubble:

“A decline in perceived risk is often self-reinforcing in that it encourages presumptions of prolonged stability and thus a willingness to reach for risk over an ever-more extended time period. History cautions that extended periods of low concern about risk have invariably been followed by reversal, with an attendant fall in the prices of risky assets.”

On today’s show, we’ll ponder and discuss several sources that we think you’ll find helpful in considering these issues as they relate to your own well-being and retirement. Next, Heidi will discuss the importance of getting good Social Security advice as well as explore some of the problems others have encountered in getting that guidance. Lastly, Deann will provide all of us stats of the day to help us all gain perspective. Tune in and take control!