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Life Can Be Hard

John Wayne once said, “Life is hard if you’re stupid.” For investors, this means being wary of a whole lot of the information disseminated by the popular media of today. Today, we’ll be working with solid data to keep our focus on the information we know is certain. In that light, we’ll cover the economic news of the day from our primary research sources, which include Capital Group’s 2024 edition of their long-term perspective on markets and economies, as well as various economists like Ed Yardeni. We’ll have enough stats to assist you in getting a better idea of ’24 as well as current opportunities you may want to take advantage of. Next, Heidi Cartwright will discuss the new FAFSA rules and regulations related to saving for children and grandchildren’s higher education costs, and the surprising relaxing of some of these rules. Last, Nathan Prout will bring you the current stats of the day, which help so much with perspective. 

Tune in and take control!