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Don’t Panic Take Control

Earlier this week, our team spoke extensively with Jon Sluis, a local CPA who will join us via phone during today’s program. We took three pages of notes, not including the term sheets from which he relayed information. Over the weekend, Jon read the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act twice (it’s more than 800 pages long ) as well as U.S. Senate Committee Reports, Small Business Administration and Department of Labor summaries, and other summaries. Listen … it’s overwhelming out there, but there is GOOD news … and we are on it. Over the last year, we’ve mentioned many times that the markets were overvalued, and a correction was inevitable. And no one – absolutely no one – could have seen it coming from a virus that affected the global economy. For those of us who spend our days buried in the details trying to dig a way out into daylight, we can see it. There are silver linings all around us, and that is topic of today’s show.

Today, we are going to cover just the tip of the iceberg on what’s all packed into the CARES Act, but believe us – even that is a lot! This includes: the purpose of the stimulus package, how you’ll receive your recovery rebate, whether or not you should pull $100K from your 401(k), why RMDs being waived for 2020 is a benefit to you, and the list goes on.