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Megatrends and Their Impact

Welcome to our ever-changing, ever-evolving financial universe. 

A famous radio host used to describe things as being, “… on the leading edge of societal evolution.” Today, we’ll discuss “quantum computing,” a recent megatrend that, according to Haim Israel, Global Strategist and Managing Director of Research at Bank of America, “Could be bigger than the discovery of fire.” We’ll explain how the impact of high tech and data management on our world in the next decade could be truly amazing.

Next, Heidi will discuss “catch-up contributions” for those who wish to max out their tax qualified plans for the year. The amounts you’re able to put aside may surprise you. And for those over 50 years old, this might prove to be very helpful.

And finally, Deann will discuss the stats of the day, many of which should help to enlighten us all on current trends!

Tune in and take control!