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Taxes and Year-End Planning

Today on New Retirement Radio, CPA Jon Sluis joins us as we discuss year-end tax planning, IRAs, and the case coming before the Supreme Court next June, deciding whether or not Congress can tax unrealized gains. Taxing unrealized gains may sound like something you’d see in Russia or hear about in fifth grade as a lofty aphorism. Apparently, however, the Supreme Court feels the need to weigh in on this one because, according to The Wall Street Journal, it’s the most important tax case in decades. We’ll offer our opinions on what this proposal could mean and the impact might have on our economy. There are still lots of questions year-end planning, so Jon will share his best advice on how to approach this and help you navigate an always complex set of rules in the U.S. tax code. As always, your questions are welcome and anticipated! 

Tune in and take control!