The LEARNING library

Start at the Beginning

I (Shea) tend to shy away from experiences or feel too embarrassed to join conversations when I don’t know what I’m talking about. Typically, this has been in the areas of finance, politics and foreign affairs. Oh, and sports! Fortunately, one can survive without talking about sports (thank God!). However, it’s more difficult to avoid conversations about topics that affect my daily life – finance, politics and foreign affairs. How have I navigated this discomfort?


There isn’t any limit as to how much information I can gather. I’m only limited by my belief that I can’t learn it. The language of finance is something everyone can learn, and will learn as it gets more personal over time. Today, we are going to learn some of the very basic terms in finance – we are going to start at the beginning. Regardless of your investment knowledge, this show will serve as a great refresher course! Dennis will take you term by term and connect the dots of financial planning and education.