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Who Wants Your Stuff?

Last week Dennis talked about an ice cream scoop of his mother’s that he wanted after his parents passed away. Though it wasn’t inherently valuable, it held much sentimental value – and many memories – for him. For me (Shea), it was my grandmother’s Renaissance painting, a reprint with no name. It reminds me of her and my time at the family farm. When it comes to liquidating the “stuff” (heirlooms are apparently a thing of the past), it’s important to know that the “IKEA generation” probably doesn’t want it. But if they do, you might want to make a plan.

Tune in today to talk about the disbursement of personal property. Our guest, Judy Albaugh, created the business “Simply Sales” to help families with estate sales and appraisal of personal property. She has a process in place to help you part with a lifetime of memories.