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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Today’s show title refers to the old axiom that no matter how well things are planned, unexpected problems may arise. As we age, we may need some help with the details related to our financial lives that only very few can handle. Today’s guests are representatives from Fiduciary Services North. They will discuss the services they provide and understand when they may be needed. Things may not always go as planned. For instance, suppose you had anticipated being fully independent until your last day, but given today’s financial complexities, you need help with the basics of managing your monthly bills. Or, you have real estate that needs to be taken care of, and you’re not able to manage the property(ies) on your own. On the other hand, what if the probate court steps in and requires a guardianship be established to protect you and your estate from potential scammers? We’ll talk about estate settlement, court-appointed conservatorships and durable powers of attorney. Deann will bring stats to help with the details.

We’re thinking you’ll have lots of questions, so … tune in and take control!