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Your Retirement Journey

In a recent article in Kiplinger, Chris Abeyta explains how your retirement journey breaks down into three phases. Phase 2: “The Retirement Hazard Zone,” are the four to five years right after turning the pivotal age of 59-1⁄2. According to Abeyta, this is the time to take action to protect your nest egg from significant losses while still growing it. Part of the equation deals with the reality that for some, they need to take income from their portfolio. For others, it’s about the need for greater preservation as their mindsets have changed. For a few, it’s about strategic allocation and utilizing diversification to its maximum potential while limiting downside risk in a volatile market environment. Regardless of where you fall, we will discuss the why and how of the three phases of your retirement journey. Next, Heidi will cover a very timely article from Andy Ives of the Ed Slott team about what and how to deal with a retirement account when an owner dies. As a beneficiary, we’ll discuss the steps you will need to remember to take as you deal with what can be a very difficult time. I believe this will be an article of lasting importance and we will be posting this on our website for permanent reference. Last, Deann will cover the best of stats to help us along on the journey. 

Tune in and take control!