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Top Three Sibling Money Fights

As a kid, it was always a race to ride in the front seat of my parents’ car. When it was time to go somewhere, we would hurtle ourselves toward the car yelling, “SHOTGUN!” Regardless of who said it first, it was the kid who made it to the car first who won. As the oldest, I had a clear advantage until my little brother’s athleticism won out. By then, though, I had my driver’s license … the ultimate ticket to freedom!

Now, as adults, my siblings and I squabble over family schedules to coordinate vacation time in order to see each other. I’m not naive enough to believe that it will always be this simple, but I am hopeful. Turns out, unfortunately, that when adult siblings do fight, it’s typically over their parents’ money.

Join us today to talk about the Top Three Money Fights Among Siblings and how to avoid them (Next Avenue).

As mentioned in the article,  “Siblings are often the longest relationship people have in their lives. You know your siblings longer than anyone else,” said Keckler. “It’s really important to come together and work together to care for, and support, your aging parents.”