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Navigating Through Uncertainty

“Forecasts create the mirage that the future is knowable.” Given our bent to discuss the markets and economy, there is no better reality check than the astute words of American Economist Peter Bernstein. In the end (of course) we all must continue to take as much responsibility as we’re able, and to act in the way most prudent for ourselves and our future.

On today’s show, we will discuss the current economy but also time-tested ideas and information to help us deal with the reality on the ground. While the things we can’t control seem to grow daily, we’ll dive into the areas we can control. You get it, this approach can mean a greater chance of success in the long term as well as understanding what the veterans of such times are saying. Lots of questions and so many uncertainties can present opportunities for those who are patient.

See you today, where you can tune in take control!