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Must-Ask Questions When Searching for a Financial Advisor

Last week, a gentleman had a question about finding a financial advisor in his community. Based on that inquiry, we think it’s important to discuss the appropriate questions to ask when searching for a new financial advisor to determine if that person is right for you. We’ll also round out the conversation and help you think through the areas or specifics you’ll want to address when meeting with a Financial professional.

Heidi will discuss Vanguard’s read on the economy and their interpretation of whether or not we’re headed into a recession. We think it’s relevant and timely information you’ll want to take advantage of. We’ll also feature some IRA questions for Ron Jolly, and Deann will take a different track with this week’s stats that we think you’ll find equally interesting! Lots to review this week, so join us today at 10 am (or listen to the rebroadcast Saturday at 9 am). Tune in and take control!