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Opportunities Abound, but Not Always for the Faint of Heart

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This recent market analysis by Capital Group got our attention:

Over the last couple of years, the gap in both returns and valuations between small cap and large cap stocks has expanded against the backdrop of tighter monetary policy.

To further summarize, a well-known index is trading near a 20-year low on a relative basis versus large caps. Limiting your exposure to these assets will limit your risk, but it is always interesting to see where the opportunities might lie in our allocation strategies for the future. We believe you, too, will find it interesting as we discuss why this information could be helpful to your portfolio. Next, Heidi will discuss what retirees can do right now to reduce next year’s taxes, backed by some great quotes from our IRA tax consultant, Ed Slott. Finally, Deann will share stats that better illustrate the subject at hand. 

Tune in and take control!