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Riding Out the Technological Revolution

There has been a lot of press lately about the future of AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Understandably, most are concerned about its impact on our lives – historically, socially and economically. Regarding investments, how do we navigate the companies involved in this advancing technology? What are some of the possible dangers that will be part of our new world. Some have likened this new technological revolution to the impact the railroads had on our nation about 150 years ago. The question always becomes, “Should I be worried?” and “What are the opportunities?” While we can never know all the dangers associated, on today’s show we’ll discuss what AI is, how it works and what it might mean to us. We’ll also discuss the companies involved that we are aware of and the opportunity they have in this new environment. Next (and you heard it here first!) Nathan will explain why the Roth IRA may not always be a good idea. Given that we are always talking up Roth accounts, you might be surprised at this! Lastly, Deann provide lots of stats on AI that will help us navigate the details! As always, tune in and take control!