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Strategies Regarding Defined Benefit/Contribution Plans and Withdrawals

On today’s show, Dennis will detail the characteristics of Defined Benefit Plans and Defined Contribution Plans – including their advantages and disadvantages. So if you have questions about your plans, or want to better understand, this show is for you!

Because every investor’s needs are different, when planning for retirement, it is essential to map out a withdrawal strategy. Heidi will discuss the importance of understanding the portfolio reliance rate, which can help in planning for your future. She’ll also take a look at and further discuss how volatility affects withdrawals, how to tell if an investor relies too heavily on their investment portfolio, what determines a withdrawal rate, and the value of reducing withdrawal stress. And, as always, Deann will be sure to enlighten and educate our listeners by sharing stats in regard to our current economy. We look forward to answering all your questions via air, please text or phone.

Tune in and take control!