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IRA Updates

The Elite Advisors of our office – Dennis, Heidi and Nathan – have recently returned from the Ed Slott Conference in Kansas City, and they are full of exciting updates regarding “all things IRA.” Heidi will focus on the common mistakes people make when inheriting IRAs.
For the first time ever, we have Nathan Prout joining the show LIVE to weigh in on his insights. Nathan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance . He is an Elite Advisor with Ed Slott and company, LLC, and is our Director of Client Services. If you decide to create a financial plan, Nathan is the one who ensures data accuracy for our advisors. He is currently working on his Series 65 and will be a financial advisor in the very near future! When he’s not at work, he’s home with his wife Sarah and their new baby girl Simone.
Join us today as our three “money people” take over the airways!