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Last Legs

Last year, Dennis and his wife, Jill, bought their first boat. It was a magical summer, with high heat starting in May and lasting through to September. Every free moment (including one staff party) was had on the water. This summer, however, seems to be holding on to spring one white knuckle at a time. We had a good run though, because the last cold summer I (Shea) remember was in 2009. If we were to take the temp on the current economic expansion, it too feels like it might be on its last legs (depending on who you talk to). From low interest rates, to price changes, Fed funds and bank profits, and yield inversions – the signs are all there. Or are they?

What are the opportunities for the current economy? If you plan on retiring in the next five years, how should you position your portfolio? Tune in for some great tips on how to evaluate the market for yourself and who to talk to in order to get your plan shipshape!