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When It’s Over

According to husband-and-wife psychologist team, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, about 69% of relational conflicts are perpetual problems. All couples have them, and the chance for marital success is not in being able to solve the problems but establishing dialogue about them. If this doesn’t happen, a couple will enter gridlock, and gridlocked conflict eventually leads to emotional disengagement.
That being said, we don’t often hear the word “divorce” in our office. We’re thankful for that. However, when a marriage is “over” there’s a lot for a couple to navigate, and it’s almost always more expensive than they anticipated – especially later in life.
Today, Dennis is going to spend the hour giving you the “how-to” guide in evaluating your finances in divorce. His guest is Bob Guyot, a retired local attorney who has been navigating the complex issues of family law since 1975.