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Split Decision

For years you’ve imagined that the money you have, the retirement accounts you’ve accrued and your properties will go directly to your children and grandchildren. Then, by surprise, another cause captures your attention. It’s a non-profit that beats at the same rate as your own heart. Like your own children, its mission lights something up inside of you. Not only can you impact your family, you can impact your community for generations to come. There’s only one problem … you haven’t figured out how to explain the change of plans. Ideally, you’d like to include your children in giving. Is it possible? One advisor thinks so. Charlie Jordan coined the concept, “Charitable Inheritance” where he sets up Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) that are set aside for “inheritance dollars” – money earmarked for charity after a client’s death to be administered by the children.
Not only are we going to discuss what this can look like, we are interviewing Kate Pearson from the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy to discuss what it means to impact generations to come with planned giving.