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Mortgage or No Mortgage

I (Shea) bought my first house at the age of 37. I felt like a late bloomer considering that most of my friends bought homes a decade ago. One year into home ownership, and I can honestly say that home IS where my heart (and Pomeranian “Poppy”) lives. Dennis rented for four years before finding the house of his dreams just a few years ago. Many of his friends said, “Why are you renting? Isn’t that a poor decision for a financial advisor?”
The idea of a home is subjective, isn’t it? Well, so is financial planning.
So, what does one do about that pesky mortgage? Do you pay it off quickly or take your time? With the new tax laws that took effect at the end of 2017, it’s time to rethink your mortgage and how it relates to your retirement planning. And no, winning the lottery shouldn’t be your first line of defense …