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Finding the Retirement Strategy That Works for You

So, you’d like to retire? Before taking the plunge, there’s a lot you need to think about. What are the common and not so common issues and financial hurdles for pre-retirees and retirees alike? What are the steps to consider or adjustments you have to make to move the needle in your direction in the face of a volatile economic environment? We’ll discuss these issues and more as we review several articles giving insight from the financial standpoint as well as practical input from our many years spent with clients and pondering these very same issues.

Next, Heidi will review and discuss this month’s Social Security Advisor article titled, “Harsh Reality: Americans Do Not Understand Social Security.” Many stats and results will follow pointing up the importance of understanding the impacts, inflation and the financial benefits of learning more about you and your loved ones’ options for taking Social Security benefits. Last, Deann will take us into the stats side to continue the conversation and shed more light on our knowledge base. Tune in and take control!