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Life Insurance – It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Policy Anymore!

While life insurance is certainly not a sexy or thrilling, edge-of-your-seat subject, it can serve as a very practical tool in today’s economic climate. In fact, some advisors consider it a bit “edgy.” Primarily, life insurance is a way to protect your loved ones and help leverage their financial woes in the event of your untimely death. However, the impact life insurance can have while you’re alive can be surprising, too, given its tax advantages. This can include business-related transactions to transfer business values or cover key persons within the business.

Tax advantages can amount to significant dollars during your lifetime, like tax-free withdrawals for income and other emergencies, not to mention a fully tax-free death benefit. The number of times clients have been dumbfounded at the thought that Dad’s life insurance was/is tax-free is almost uncountable. Many times, surprise in a most positive way has been an enjoyable conversation to have.

This week, Deann will discuss lots of stats related to this, and Nathan and Heidi will be joining in on the conversation too! Tune in and take control!