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Your Monthly Payments

Is it just me (Shea), or have we become a society that decides what it can afford based on monthly payments instead of long-term thought? For example, that car you want can be yours IF you can afford it monthly. Forget the six years of interest payments and added insurance costs. And if it’s not the big-ticket items that get you, it’s the small ones. You can stream your music AD-FREE for just $9.99 a month. Don’t forget your favorite movie series for just $12.99 a month. Add on your audio books, podcasts and online newsletters. You name it, you can have it all for a monthly cost. At year-end, those little monthly payments can add up to thousands of dollars.
We enjoy the convenient pleasures offered by technology. But what would happen if you decided to invest those monthly payments to fund your future? We are going to run the numbers to give you some fun perspective.