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Estate Planning to Avoid Tax Consequences

A recent headline on a story of James Caan’s estate read, “Estate of James Caan Whacked in Tax Case.” As you might guess, there is a lot to learn from others’ misfortunes. In this case, some unfortunate planning and advice put James Caan and his estate on the wrong side of the IRS. In the end, his estate owed almost $1 million in taxes and penalties. On this week’s show, we’ll discuss estate planning and the best ways to avoid tax consequences. Next, Heidi will discuss the economy and opportunities you might take advantage of given the anticipated eventual decline of interest rates. You might be surprised what these might mean and the thought leaders weighing in on this. We can’t always predict the future, but we can see indicators that can be very helpful in ascertaining where things might go. Last, Deann will provide us with plenty of stats to bolster and bring additional background to our discussion. Tune in and take control!