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When Do We Get the “All Clear” Signal?

The morning haze has made for some beautiful sunrises here in Northern Michigan recently. However, a similar type of “haze” continues to envelop our current economic situation. Are we in for a soft landing? What about interest rates, recession and the business cycle? Housing prices are another big unknown, with many professionals weighing in on the current housing market. On today’s show, we’ll continue the conversation about the current economy, even looking at whether global temperatures affect economic growth. Heidi will discuss the younger person’s use of summer earnings to start a Roth IRA, and how that might benefit your child or grandchild, and help them learn about the long-term benefits of starting a saving mindset. Last, Deann discusses a recent article in The Wall Street Journal about Northern Michigan and the stats surrounding the economy as well. 

Tune in and take control!