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The Impact of Giving

Growing up, my dad had a lot of quotes. Perhaps that is why Ron Jolly has nicknamed me the “Quote Queen” (I’ve had years of training!). One quote that has stuck with me is, “Many things will capture your attention, pay attention to what captures your heart.” Today’s show will do just that … it will capture your heart. Why? Because it’s a show about giving.
One year ago, Wendy Steele, the Founder of Impact 100, announced on our show that the international organization was starting a chapter here in Traverse City. What does that mean exactly? It means that if 100 women gathered and gave $1,000 each, then one non-profit was going to receive a $100,000 grant.
Guess what? Traverse City’s Impact 100 chapter didn’t do that.
Instead, they gathered 255 members! Guess what that means? TWO local non-profits are going to receive a $127,500 grant on November 8, 2017.
Listen to this show to find out how the power of giving is impacting our area.