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Operations Management! The “How to” Show

When “life” happens (as it certainly has this past year) to those with retirement accounts, questions often arise regarding how or when to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) in the midst of a declining stock market, as well as determining what type of accounts are best to tap in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. If you’ve been waiting to take these RMDs out of necessity or timing considerations, you won’t want to miss today’s show! We’ll be discussing the numerous options you have in making these withdrawals, and perhaps even present a few you may not have considered. There are surprisingly many ways to change up your distribution to lessen the pain of a lower stock market and even avoid possible penalties. Ed Slott, CPA, has weighed in on this topic, and we’ll add his thoughts to the chorus. Heidi will be discussing how to avoid the most recent scam regarding student loan payoffs, and Deann will chime in with stats you’ll love to consider!

See you this Thursday at 10 a.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m. Tune in and take control!