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Avoiding Scams – No One Is Immune

Whether it’s by phone, email or text message, it seems like the number of scam artists out there trying to get your money or personal information is at epidemic proportions. And thinking that “this only happens to the older set” could not be further from the truth … no one is immune. Another issue we’ve heard from our connections in the banking sector is that those taken in by these scams are utterly embarrassed and, as such, are unwilling to discuss this issue and allow the education one gets from others with similar life experiences.

Today, we’ll discuss the scam explosion that’s occurring and how to protect yourself. We’re on a mission to inform and expose this terrible crime foisted on so many. And the confusion and complexity of today’s financial world doesn’t help matters either. We’ll discuss not only the fact set surrounding how today’s very sophisticated scams occur, but also the psychological attitudes that surround the experience of those while they are in these situations to shed as much light as possible to help you and your family avoid this and understand when it may be occurring. The numbers are staggering as to the dollars involved. So let’s go there, and please call in with your stories! Tune in and take control!