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Where Are You?

“Your quality of life and your quality of finances is controlling what you can control. Psychology is what controls all of your financial decisions,” said Tony Robbins in a recent interview with Fortune. Besides our medical information, what is more revealing than our finances? Not much.

When I (Dennis) sit across from a client, I am well aware of the vulnerability it takes to meet with an Advisor. It’s not only vulnerable, it’s brave. Our money is tied to our careers, the places we live, and the relationships that have succeeded and failed. As neutral as we try to make that dollar – it’s a hotbed for a plethora of other discussions.

Most recently, I have been hearing the story of regret. Past decisions with investments that didn’t work out are keeping folks from moving forward and trusting their decision-making. It’s understandable. The first step is to find a good advisor. We have the questions for you to ask during your search. The second step is to determine where you’re actually at. Are you accumulating? Preserving? Or distributing? For each phase of financial planning there are appropriate strategies. And, finally, learn to trust yourself again.

Join us today as we acknowledge the emotional structure of money and the strategies we use to disarm the conversation. Tony Robbins is on to something, and we are taking notice.