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Wanted Dead or Alive! Or, Maximizing Your Estate Planning and Retirement Savings Options

Today on New Retirement Radio, we’ll be discussing an article from Financial Planning magazine titled “Wealthy investors do a lousy job of telling heirs what they’ll get.” Apparently, the rich are like everybody else in America in that they typically don’t like to talk about money. But for investors with significant assets to pass on to their heirs, that can be a very costly problem. Deann will provide stats that underscore many points in this article. With the sheer size and complexity of assets passing to the next generation, we’ll discuss the importance of enlightening the next generation. Next, Heidi will cover the benefit of working two jobs and how that may give you access to more than one retirement plan, which may benefit you greatly. Whether or not you have access to such a strategy, this discussion should help you understand the world of retirement plans and how to better take advantage of these wonderful wealth-building tools. Tune in and take control!