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Write The Ending

How many of you took time during quarantine to reexamine your values?

Did being at home make you realize how much you love family and want to be with them more? Or as an essential worker on the front lines, are you ready to call it quits? Perhaps the new normal isn’t how you want to operate as you finish out your career.

Because of COVID-19, career shifts and early retirement are no longer something that’s five years down the road – they’re now! If there is any silver lining, this might be it. Instead of waiting until this all plays out, maybe it’s time to write the ending now.

Our guest, CPA Jon Sluis, will help you understand what the tax implications are now vs. later. You’ll need to bunch some decisions and spread some out. If you’re ready to stop doing what you’ve always done, together we can help you pivot to make the change happen on your terms.