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Opportunities During a Crisis

Some of you have already been practicing social distancing for the past week. For those of you who have just started, welcome! These are wild times. We’ve never seen anything like it. Day to day, we are experiencing a wide range of emotions. It’s important to plan appropriately and not panic, especially when you’ve watched such a drastic decline in your investments. Believe it or not, there are opportunities during a crisis. In order to stay in the long game, it’s good to take advantage of them now.

Topics of discussion today:

· Can I use the income tax deadline to my advantage?

· What are the new IRA contribution deadlines, and can they help me?

· Is now a good time to convert my Roth IRA?

· What if I had planned on retiring this year?

We’ll be on the air LIVE and ready to answer your questions this week. Now, more than ever, we are here and we HEAR you.