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Can You Hear Us?

Like the game, “telephone” the SECURE Act of 2019 and the CARES Act of 2020, is all hearsay between the connections! How do we know this? Because the final message is received at our office when clients sit down and say, “I heard that I don’t have to (fill in the blank).”

We just smile and say, “Not exactly.” The rules are changing around familiar terminology and the truth is getting lost. We hear you! Which is why we are taking time today to clear up some common misconceptions about things like when you have to take your RMDs, deadlines for contributing to IRAs and Roth IRAs, retirement relief and so much more!

Tune in today and let us help take the confusion out of the permanent changes of the SECURE Act and the temporary relief from the CARES Act. There are big differences between the two, and we know how to help you.