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Old RMD, New Tricks?

So you want to rollover your unwanted RMD (required minimum distribution) into an IRA? Not so fast! It’s not 2020 anymore (thank God!) when no one had to take an RMD, and that ONE-TIME exception allowed by the CARES Act no longer applies. The rules for 2021 say that you cannot, we repeat, CANNOT roll over your RMD into an IRA or any other retirement account. As Ed Slott would say, “How money moves matters!”

This year, you must take your RMD and follow the rules or the consequences will be expensive. Join Dennis and Heidi this week as they refresh your RMD memory. Also, this is a good week to have our own Shelley Osborne live to give you a few tips on understanding tax forms and filing taxes this year. Her advice … “Pay attention to the form changes!”