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For The Widows

Few people plan on being alone in life. Your future is imagined with someone next to you, fulfilling everything you planned TOGETHER. But then life happens, and you lose half of the dream. Today, we want to talk about that reality. “Money can be a source of stress for couples to discuss, or one spouse isn’t interested, or simply busy couples divide and conquer. Either way, the surviving spouse is at a huge disadvantage when left out of the day-to-day money management.” (Kiplinger)
Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of loss, the struggle is real and it doesn’t disappear. “Friends and relatives alike must understand that being a widow is not like having a cold from which you will recover. Rather, being a widow is like having a chronic disease – you may be in remission for a period of time, but you will have flare-ups.” (Nasdaq)
We are aware of this reality and hope to give you some fresh financial perspective to move you forward.