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To Knot or Not?

When I was in college and falling “in love,” my grandfather told me, “Shea, it’s not when you get married, it’s WHO you marry.” Suddenly it occurred to me that I was more concerned about the time line of life goals than I was about the person. My grandfather had acquired something called “wisdom.” I wonder what advice he would give now, 20 years later. My guess is that it would be the same.

What about you? Are you considering tying the knot in your later years? In some ways the decision gets easier because you know yourself, but on the other hand it gets more complicated because of the dynamics of life. When considering a later marriage, you also have to take into account things like Social Security benefits, insurance, multiple mortgages and beneficiaries (to name a few).

Join us today as we discuss both the financial and emotional considerations of tying the knot … or not!